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I am Michael Robbiani, owner and operator of Michael’s Clocks. I have always found clocks extremely interesting and have been working on them for about 35 years, first as a hobbyist in college and then choose the formal education route to go a clock school to become a certified clockmaker. I always said if you do what you love it is not a job, but a passion.


I find each and every customer interesting on how they obtained the clock and their feelings about their clock. I work on clocks from 200 years old to today and treat each one as if it is my own family heirloom.

There’s nothing like an antique that becomes part of the sounds and member of your home.  Take your clock and doll to us today.

Authorized service center for:

• Howard Miller

• Ridgeway

• Sligh



I am Kathleen Robbiani, owner and operator of Doll Dr Kathleen Doll Shop. I had always been interested in dolls as a little girl, but only had a few, Betsy Wetsy was my favorite. I first got interested in becoming a doll doctor when my husband Michael had surprised me with a Toni he had gotten at an auction. On the way home the doll fell apart in my hands and I couldn’t find anyone to repair her. That’s when the journey began. After my years of studying and testing I am now a Certified Dollologist for over 15 years.


Career highlights:

• Winner of many ribbons from International Doll Restoration Contest

• Charter member and former officer of International Doll Doctor Association

• Doll Restorer for the Mini-Makeover for the Doll & Toy Museum of New York City

• Authorized Doll Doctor for the Doll & Toy Museum of New York City

• Authorized Doll Doctor for Neva Dolls, exquisite handcrafted dolls from Russia

• Author of articles Stories of a Doll Doctor published in Doll Castle News and A Compendium of Short Stories

• Teacher of future doll doctors at restoration seminar

• Authorized Doll Doctor for Effanbee Doll Company from 1997-2002


Learn All About Us!

See the wonders we can do with your clock or doll!

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