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From Old to New

• Bisque - German & French

         - Simon & Halbig, AT, Armand Marseille, Handwerck, S.F.B.J., Schmitt & more!

• China German dolls

• Composition

         - Patsy, Shirley Temple (all time periods), Bubbles, Lovums

• All plastic and vinyl

         - Toni, Saucy Walker, Miss Revlon, Patty Play Pal, Thumbelina, American Girl,

            all Effanbee, Neva,  and Madame Alexander

• And many more

Damaged dolls? Stained clothes? Poked out sockets? No worries! Bring them in to us and we'll restore them to the way they were when you were a child!


Your family's legacy is too sacred to throw away!

Have us restore your old dolls, figures and toys!

We promise to have them ready for another generation of play!

Don't throw away your dolls! It's okay to be sentimental

- it's part of everyday life!

We'll retain your childhood memories!

Give us a call today!

(732) 462-3589

Share the memories

with your loved ones

There's nothing like gathering around to hear a good story about how your family came to be what it is today! Moments like that bring families together!


Keep and maintain what keeps these memories alive with your dolls and figures!

Restore your favorite doll

  • Cabbage Patch dolls

  • China dolls

  • Bride dolls

  • Vintage dolls

  • Antique dolls

  • Vinyl dolls

  • Bisque


Types of repairs


• Repair or replace rocker eyes and stationary


• Clean, style and replace mohair & human wigs

• Repair and paint (with airbrush) heads that are

  cracked or broken

• Repair, clean and/or replace all types of

  bodies, inc. leather, cloth, and composition

• Restringing


• Sculpture fingers, toes, ears, nose, lips, and

  restore missing composition on legs, arms,

  and bodies

• Clean bodies

• Repair top of heads and faces

• Clean and style or replace wigs

• Paint with airbrush for smoother finish

• Restring or attach limbs


• Clean from head to toe

• Clean and restyle or replace wigs

• Restring and repair sockets


• Clean all types of doll clothing

• Custom-make doll clothes from all time


We also Repair

and Clean Cloth Dolls

and Stuffed Toys

Dolls we have repaired

From Old to New

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