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Dear Kathleen,

Thank you for fixing Thumbelina

Love, Shannon (age 6)


“Trust Kathleen the Dollologist.

Give her your heart’s treasure knowing they’ll come home to you not harshly painted, or artificially groomed, but reborn. I had other experiences years ago with a doll doctor and the results were okay, but this doctor, this Dollologist, has a love for these old folks that stretches to her fingertips as she works a broken finger, or takes a tiny stitch. If my dolls could be infused with life they’d murmur at night, as I turn out the lights, “and God Bless Doctor Kathleen who gave us back our pride and purpose.

- Molly (Knoxville,TN)


Dear Doctor Kathleen,

Thank you so much for taking care of my daughter. She means the world to me. I knew she was in very good hands!!

Thanks a bunch!

From Jeana (age 9)



It took a couple of days until we could get to the post office to retrieve him but we got the doll back yesterday - he looks wonderful. I was afraid to clean him before I sent him off to you because I didn’t know what cleaner to use and what might the “skin”. You did a terrific job -and he looks so cute with the little teddy and socks. My daughter is going to be thrilled.  There is no words to thank you enough. All I can tell you is that he will be treasured and treated with love and care, now that he’s restored to his former glory.

Thank you so very much.

Sincerely, Jeanne (Philadelphia, PA)



Thank you so much! I am so excited to see her. My mom is not going to believe it!

Thanks again, Melissa (Marion, Ohio)


Dear Kathie,

Thought you would like a photo of Hazel-thanks so much for making a beauty again. I wish I had a little girl for her (someday).



Dear Doll Dr. Kathleen,

Thank you so much for taking just good care of my “Little Miss Revlon” doll. You did a wonderful job. Her hair looks like new, like the day I received her so many Christmas’s ago.  You’re so thoughtful.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Barbara


Dear Kathleen,

What a lovely surprise arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m so happy to the recipient of such a darling little doll. You’ll be pleased to know she is quite content among her friends here. She is sitting on an antique desk holding a miniature bible and I am sure she is praying for world peace. She is lovely, and I thank you so much. I’ll be happy to distribute your cards and information as I’m so grateful for Effanbee recommending you.

Thanks again.

Take care, Jackie (Saginoiu, MI)


Kathleen Robbiani is bar none the best doll doctor around. Don't even think of taking your cherished dolls elsewhere! She's repaired various dolls for me over the years. Doll Doctor Kathleen devotes the utmost time, care, and attention to each and every patient, lavishing them with love. Her gentle hand recreates the original condition of every doll. Her artwork is incredible and meticulous. She really pours her hearts into each doll, showering it with extra helpings of TLC. Your doll with be returned 100% refurbished, yet not overly done. Rest assured your treasured dolls are in the right hands with the very talented Doll Doctor Kathleen!

- Edith Cavalier (Dallas, TX)





I have worked with Michael for many years, and I have received calls back from Customers commenting that he was very helpful, and provides excellent service. I would highly recommend him for any clock service.

- Jim.

  Howard Miller Technical Rep.


Dear Michael,

It's a pleasure to write a recommendation for an individual like you. As a clock collector for the last 40 years owning upwards of 135 clocks, it was great for me to find an individual with your knowledge and qualifications to repair my clocks. Some of them were dirty or not running and you fixed these clocks expertly. There are many people who claim to be in the business of clock repair but most of them are only hobbyists or collectors with very limited knowledge. Your skills are not second to anyone I have ever had working on my clocks. I consider myself lucky to live near you. Your business is clock repair, not a hobby. The fact you make house calls is icing on the cake. Any time I wind up a clock that has been in your hands it runs perfectly.

You have my best wishes for continued success as I believe you have put in the time to learn your craft. I am always confident that any clock I bring to you will be fixed as expertly as is possible.

Best regards,

Herman (Marlboro, NJ)


Michael Robbiani has repaired and serviced 2 clocks for me: a beautiful Herschede grandfather clock, and an antique, bronze New Haven "Saxon" clock. Both are precious family heirlooms. Mr. Robbiani did a remarkable job with both. I am thrilled with the results. He is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Most of all, he wants all of his clients to be happy. He really took his time explaining everything to me. I would definitely recommend him for anything to do with clocks. For all of your clock needs, look no further as Michael Robbiani is #1 in the business!

- Stacia McDonough (Bedminister, NJ)


Don't just take our world for it!